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The answer to the question of how the warehouses can be used more efficiently as a result of the increased load volume is made by our RS Raf team, which has owned hundreds of projects, with meticulousness and confidence.

Accessory Models

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Polyethylene Foot Protection

PE Foot Protection is a new generation product of Rack carrier feet housing .It is the best possible defense to keep the rack upright. It is the most preferred product with RS Protection cost made of high density Polyethylene.
The system, which provides maximum protection against damage from forklift and other vehicle collisions, is high density polyethylene and takes its former form after collisions. The polyethylene leg system, which does not have the risk of being worn while placing and receiving pallets, also protects against impacts that may occur on the side of the profile and prevents damage to the pallet or the products on it.
It is the type of foot protection used to prevent impacts to the feet in the middle of the rack rows. U Type Foot Protection systems produced with RS Raf quality are always with you and your business safely.
It is used to prevent the impacts to the feet against the bumps that may occur as a result of any carelessness or absent-mindedness of the stacker of the operator when placing the pallets on the shelves and turning the stacker.
U tipi Ayak Koruma RS Raf
Bariyer Ayak Koruma RS Raf
It is used for placing and unloading pallets on shelves and for the rotation maneuver of the stacker to prevent shocks against any bumps that may occur due to any carelessness or contemplation of the stacker operator. . This type of foot guards are used for tunnels at the corridors, door to door systems at back and forth.
The benefit of this shelf system partially prevents dust accumulation on the loads thanks to the air flow.
It is also important that the grill shelves are made of stainless steel so that the shelves are not scratched during use and do not oxidize over time. It is not a problem to use stainless grill rack systems in cold air rooms in wet and humid environments as their surfaces are extremely durable and hard. Another advantage of stainless system grill systems is that they are very easy to install.
Traverses used as horizontal carrier elements in the shelf system are produced in different cross-sections, types and thicknesses depending on the load to be carried. The traverses are attached to the foot profile through the connectors on both ends. Traverses are available in two options, bolted or clawed.
The traverses, which are attached to the foot profile with claws, are secured with a safety lock so that they cannot be dislodged as a result of the lower impacts they will receive.
H Type Traverses are manufactured in line with the needs of customers. Faster transportation and stacking is realized with the security provided by the sleepers. . Tubular round material is manufactured with special measures in the materials damaged when removed by slingshot. Thanks to the crossbar, the load was carried out in a balanced manner.
Göz Kaplama tel uygulaması RS Raf
In stores, such as markets, where product presentation is very important and wire mesh applications are frequently used. They offer a very aesthetic appearance with metallic coating surfaces, especially in glass cases.
Wire meshes that can be produced in various sizes and shapes are made of stainless steel. In addition to being aesthetic, it is very critical in terms of product sales, as it allows to see the back and bottom shelves.
You can make safe sales for many years with our store shelf wire mesh products that are both heavy and flexible for different uses.

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