Rack Audit Services

One of the most important steps after the installation of the shelves is the inspection service of the installed shelves. The inspection that is not done correctly causes work accidents. RS Raf, which has signed hundreds of projects, removes these problems.

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Project Consultancy

We are always at your side in preparing, projecting, static and dynamic analysis of shelf systems, and managing all processes.
Our company successfully continues its project and consultancy services with its experienced and expert staff in the design of Warehouse Racking Systems. Our projects and possible questions are made by the expert engineers of our company.
Shelves are spoiled by use. Structural elements are subject to unseen, impact and tears and damages that occur during loading and unloading maneuvers with loading equipment (Forklift, Reachtrcuk etc.). These damages negatively affect the performance and load capacities of storage systems, making them more unsafe and dangerous. The results can cause injuries to humans. Fatal accidents, damage to stored materials, disruptions and disruptions to service levels provided to customers and the supply chain can result in a crash or fall.
We ensure that Maintenance and Controls are harmonized with standards in order to prolong the shelf life of Rack Systems and ensure their safe use.
We provide the service of providing the carrying capacities and preparing the necessary information labels according to the materials used in your shelf systems. Our long-lasting posters, which are a great way to present your important health and safety messages to your team, offer fine reminders to your employees and essentially create a safer working environment. Banners are available in all sizes and designs may differ.
Detecting and reporting damage should be a situation where every employee should feel comfortable, but in reality they do not report it. We think it’s better to find damage, and that’s why we created the Shelf Hazard Reporting Book , a new product that allows people to report damage openly and privately, without fear of reproach.

What Our Services ?

We constantly develop and create new products with our customers in order to find solutions to common problems that our industry frequently faces.

You can always contact us!

Why You Should Choose Us?

Expert staff

We serve you in the best way with its expert team and project consultants.

Quality Manufacturing

Your order is processed in our factory and manufactured under the control of our experienced team.

Safe Delivery

Your products will be equated to you in the same way as we leave us.

Installation and Support

Our team of experts installs your rack systems according to your needs and continues to support them.

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