Assembly and Disassembly Services

The answer to the question of how the warehouses can be used more efficiently as a result of the increased load volume is made by our RS Raf team, which has owned hundreds of projects, with meticulousness and confidence.

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Assembly and Disassembly Services

In cases where you want to rearrange, expand or move your warehouses, we dismantle, transport and re-establish your warehouses in the fastest way, with all our occupational health and safety measures, taking security precautions with our expert staff.

If necessary, we renew your damaged products and complete your missing products.

We offer you the best service with our professional team when your existing shelves need to be disassembled and installed elsewhere and your new shelf system needs to be mounted.The most important point in rack system disassembly and assembly services is the professional work.With our professional assembly team, the installation of your rack systems is done in the most correct way.Your existing shelves and new shelves should be designed and installed in the most suitable way for the project.RS Shelf Systems complements the installation of your shelves in the safest and most accurate way by taking this into consideration. Required additions and project requirements are met during the rack installation in accordance with work safety rules.

By performing the necessary studies on your existing shelf system, it is disassembled in the most correct way and without damaging your existing shelves, and packed in the form of a pallet or parcel.The shelf systems that are made suitable for transport are moved to another building or another area and their assembly is completed in accordance with the agreed project.

What Our Services ?

We constantly develop and create new products with our customers in order to find solutions to common problems that our industry frequently faces.

You can always contact us!

Why You Should Choose Us?

Expert staff

We serve you in the best way with its expert team and project consultants.

Quality Manufacturing

Your order is processed in our factory and manufactured under the control of our experienced team.

Safe Delivery

Your products will be equated to you in the same way as we leave us.

Installation and Support

Our team of experts installs your rack systems according to your needs and continues to support them.

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