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The answer to the question of how the warehouses can be used more efficiently as a result of the increased load volume is made by our RS Raf team, which has owned hundreds of projects, with meticulousness and confidence.
Shelf Systems Services
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    Curtain Wall (Without Building)

    Curtain (Without Building) Shelf System is a structure that is produced by using shelf materials without extra carrier columns and beams and eliminates the need to build a warehouse building by forming a monolithic group by combining shelves with its own roof and side facade construction.

    Why Curtain Wall?

    With this system, building construction is not required beforehand. In this way, it provides 10-30% price advantage according to its Project.
    In cases such as replacement, it can be easily moved to another location and installed.
  • Since the shelves can be made at the desired height, there are no supporting columns and the project is designed according to your products, it prevents the loss of space by providing maximum benefit from the area to be used.
  • Allows the use of classic or automatic stacking systems.
  • Why Back to Back?

    • Easy access to all palettes.
    • Easy inventory control and counting can be done.
    • Flexibility in height and depth provides design opportunity according to the product.
    • It has the ability to easily add or remove modules or layers if needed.
    • Ideal usage opportunity is possible for all types of forklift (Forklift, Reachtruck, Sticker etc.).
    • Traverse intervals can be adjusted according to the pallet of any desired height.
    • Back to back shelf system is used for double pallet deep shelf called double-deep
    The systems of the meze create the best use of the surface of the facility or area, using the entire height of the building. It provides multi-storey usage area with the help of platform mezzanines and walking paths added to the shelf system in the enterprises where order preparation and bulk loading and single unloading are required. The systems of manual loading of appetizers have the advantages such as placing the products in the desired place and easy access at any time. It is also called balcony shelf system.

    Why Storey (Mazenin)?

    • It is the most effective system in terms of collection time and ease of minimized orders.
    • It allows the orders to be collected in the safest way.
    • It can be adapted to the needs of each business.
    • Fast and easy assembly. Modules can be easily expanded and reduced.
    • Complement each other with other existing rack systems.
    Konsol Arm Shelf System has the optimum design for different length bars, profiles, pipes, wood or large length, weight-side-by-side or continuous storage. It can be used as one-sided or double-sided, used in console arm racking system. Either way it can be installed in desired order.

    Why Console Sleeves?

    The components in its composition are easily assembled and provide ease of movement.
    • İIt provides storage of products such as plates, pipes etc. that are difficult to staple without losing space.
    • Simple and durable structure.
    • It ensures that the products are stored in block form.
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    The Drive in Rack System is a system that has the same characteristics in terms of variety and quality, and that pallets that need to be stocked in high quantities are stacked and discharged in depth.

    Drive’s shelf system provides the most useful use of storage volume in situations where products such as ice cream warehouses and refrigerated warehouses are stored under controlled temperature.

    Why to Get in (Drive in)

    • Eliminates the need for aisle between racks.
    • It provides maximum utilization of the available area (up to 85%).
    • It allows easy control of product inputs and outputs.
    • Suitable for seasonal storage.
    Light Load Storage Systems, which are also used as order preparation racks, are the system used when the loading and unloading operations of the stocked products are performed manually without any stowage tool. This system is ideal for stocking very small quantities of products.

    Why Minirack?

    Storage eyes in the system can be sheet metal, wire, plastic, wood (chipboard, mdf etc.) or even cardboard. It provides functional use of the system with various accessory options.
    • It provides easy and quick access to every product.
    • It enables to stock all products with or without boxes.
    • It enables the application of platform floor systems to use the warehouse height to the maximum.
    • Ideal for offices, shops and places that require a decorative finishing.
    • Ease of use with mobile shelves for archives and storage

    What Our Services ?

    We constantly develop and create new products with our customers in order to find solutions to common problems that our industry frequently faces.

    You can always contact us!

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